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Email Hosting Plans

Using an email hosting plan that offers a range of features such as security and reliability as well as other benefits, you can streamline your business communication and improve efficiency.

Email storage
10 GB
30 GB
Mail filters
Email aliases
Antivirus check
Multi-device support
24/7/365 support
Email Hosting Benefits

You can host your business email with a professional, secure, encrypted, and ad-free email service that will guarantee your efficiency.


Create custom email addresses for each employee and a domain for your business. For visibility and authenticity, your business should have a unique email address.

Exceptional security and privacy

Our servers are held in data centers that are monitored and secure 24/7 with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and are ensured to be available 99.9% of the time.

Comprehensive control panel

Administrators can configure, customize, and set up everything from the powerful Control Panel. They can add users, create groups, and manage email content.

Retention of emails and e-Discovery

Emails across your organization should be retained for a certain period to comply with company standards. E-Discovery facilitates the discovery of such retained emails.

Use mobile to manage emails

Stay on top of your business communications even when you're not at your desk. With Mail Admin, Streams, and Mail mobile apps, you can always access your inbox.

Cybersecurity of the highest level

There is no need to worry anymore about your emails getting hacked. The information you have stored on your computer will no longer be vulnerable to hacker theft.

A smooth communication experience

A successful business relies heavily on communication. Our business email hosting plans provide all the features you need to communicate efficiently and smoothly with your clients and business partners. We offer tools and email hosting services to thousands of businesses worldwide, enabling them to manage their online operations. Several email servers run simultaneously because you mustn’t miss an important message.

Our email hosting service is easy to use

If you are looking to host your own email account, you can easily do so by using a professional email hosting service.

Select your email plan

There are several options for email hosting plans, so you can choose one that suits your needs the best.

Go to the checkout

Upon entering your payment information, you will be directed to the business email management area.

Mailing starts now

Your first email will be able to be sent as soon as you have completed the setup process step-by-step.

30 day money-back guarantee

Looking for the right plan? Check out what we offer. Remember, all purchases from the time of payment are subject to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Email Hosting Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Need more server power for your big business? Are you looking for an email server that delivers emails fast? Do you need a high-security email hosting service with unique features and more functionalities? You get all these things and more with GhostVPS.

25GB of storage per mailbox
limitless number of email boxes
Anti-spam and phishing protection
Dedicated IP Address
Discover our email hosting servers

We are a hosting provider company with data centers around the world. Choose any of our worldwide locations to host emails.

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