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Iceland VPS

Immerse yourself in the speed of Light with our VPS plans, featuring lightning-fast NVMe SSD storage and flexible RAM capacity of up to 32GB. Our servers are strategically located in the USA, Germany, and other cutting-edge data centers for an unparalleled hosting experience!

•● Unleash Peak Performance with NVMe VPS Hosting!

Enjoy the flexibility and control of a virtual private server combined with the unmatched speed of NVMe SSD storage. Benefit from responsive performance and optimal resource allocation for all your online projects.

Elevate your website’s potential with NVMe VPS – seven times faster than traditional SSDs!

Experience lightning-fast data delivery, ensuring optimal performance even during peak traffic. Experience the True Power of NVMe SSD VPS! Unlock the full potential of your website or application with NVMe SSD VPS hosting. Harness cutting-edge NVMe technology for instantaneous data retrieval, ensuring an unparalleled online presence. Upgrade your hosting experience with NVMe SSD VPS and bid farewell to slow-loading servers. Elevate your website’s performance, providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience every time. Transform Your Hosting Experience with NVMe VPS! Ready for a hosting revolution? Our NVMe VPS plans are designed to address all your hosting needs, from personal blogs to resource-intensive business websites. Embrace state-of-the-art infrastructure and expert support for optimal performance. Don’t hesitate – invest in our NVMe VPS and unlock the ultimate hosting journey. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have already experienced the switch to NVMe VPS.

Propel your hosting to new heights with our NVMe-powered virtual private servers!


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Unlock the perfect hosting experience effortlessly – simply navigate below, choose the plan that suits your needs, and embrace a seamless journey at the right price.

Iceland 1

$ 7 80
25 GB NVME Storage
Port25 Is Open
PTR Record Is Supported
Save 15%

Iceland 4

$ 62 40
160 GB NVME Storage
Port25 Is Open
PTR Record Is Supported
Save 15%

Iceland 2

$ 15 60
50 GB NVME Storage
Port25 Is Open
PTR Record Is Supported
Save 15%

Iceland 5

$ 124
320 GB NVME Storage
Port25 Is Open
PTR Record Is Supported
Save 15%

Iceland 3

$ 31 20
80 GB NVME Storage
Port25 Is Open
PTR Record Is Supported
Save 15%


Choose NVMe VPS, the ultimate hosting choice renowned for its speed, reliability, and control.

Experience unparalleled speed and reliability with NVMe VPS hosting – the game-changing solution for turbocharging your online presence! Tired of sluggish servers and slow website performance? 

Powered by advanced NVMe SSD technology, our hosting stands out, offering data access at lightning speed. Picture your website or app running seven times faster, ensuring rapid load times and seamless user interaction. With NVMe VPS, your server is equipped with blazing-fast NVMe SSD storage, making it the ideal match for resource-intensive projects, databases, and content-heavy websites.

Whether you’re a small business, a dynamic developer, or an established enterprise, NVMe VPS ensures your online presence operates at peak performance, attracting and retaining more visitors. But that’s not all! With NVMe VPS hosting, you get the best of both worlds – speed and control. Customize your server environment with full root access, allowing you to install software, configure settings, and optimize resource allocation to meet your unique needs. Seize control of your hosting destiny with NVMe VPS and witness the transformative difference it can make to your online success.

Concerned about the cost of cutting-edge technology? Fear not! Our Cheap NVMe VPS plans are crafted to suit your budget without compromising on performance. Embrace the future of hosting without breaking the bank, letting NVMe VPS elevate your website’s performance to unprecedented heights.

Ready to revolutionize your online presence? Upgrade to NVMe VPS hosting today and experience the true power of speed and reliability. Join countless satisfied users who have already harnessed the NVMe VPS advantage, watching their websites soar to new levels of success. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your online projects. Say hello to faster loading times, smoother user experiences, and unrivaled performance with NVMe VPS hosting. Take the leap into the future of hosting now!


When exploring choices for NVMe VPS hosting providers, it’s crucial to hone in on key considerations that can profoundly impact the performance of your NVMe VPS web servers and gaming hosting experience.


The standout feature of VPS NVMe SSD lies in its unmatched speed and I/O capabilities. When making a choice, prioritize a provider offering the latest NVMe storage technology to unleash your web servers' full potential. Swift data access and minimal latency will enhance your website's performance and create a seamless gaming environment for your NVMe VPS gaming hosting.


Data and online asset protection is paramount. Look for a hosting provider equipped with robust security features like firewalls and DDoS protection, ensuring the safety of your NVMe VPS web servers and VPS game NVMe environment from potential threats.


Select an NVMe VPS provider that allows for optimal resource allocation. Ample CPU, RAM, and bandwidth resources ensure your web servers and game hosting possess the power to handle any traffic or demanding workloads. With NVMe VPS's scalability, adjusting resources as per evolving requirements is a breeze.


Managing your NVMe VPS should be a smooth experience. Opt for a provider offering a user-friendly control panel, empowering you to oversee and fine-tune your web servers and game hosting settings without technical hassles.


Ensure the hosting provider's data centers are strategically located close to your target audience, coupled with a guaranteed uptime supported by a service level agreement (SLA). By considering these key points, you'll discover the ideal NVMe VPS hosting provider aligning perfectly with your web servers' needs and VPS game NVMe hosting requirements. Unlock the full potential of NVMe technology, elevate your performance, and stay ahead of the game with top-notch NVMe VPS hosting!



We understand the importance of top-notch performance and availability for your website’s success. That’s why our NVMe hosting plans boast a global network of cloud platform locations, specially designed to turbocharge your website.

EXPERIENCE GLOBAL SPEED, With strategically placed servers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, your website becomes lightning-fast and accessible to visitors worldwide. This ensures decreased loading times and brings your content closer to your target audience.

BLAZING SPEED ANYWHERE, Thanks to our high-speed network connections and low-latency routing, your website will be blazing fast, regardless of your visitors’ location or the physical server’s residence. Additionally, we provide automatic failover and load balancing in case of a localized outage, ensuring uninterrupted access for your visitors.

EFFORTLESS MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT, Managing your website and server is a breeze with our user-friendly control panel, and our 24/7 customer support is ready to assist whenever you need it.

SUPERCHARGE YOUR WEBSITE NOW, Ready to experience the magic of lightning-fast load times and improved website performance? Sign up now and propel your online presence to new heights with NVMe VPS.


NVMe VPS offers lightning-fast performance, ensuring your website or application runs at the speed of light. With NVMe storage, data access times are dramatically reduced, leading to unparalleled responsiveness.

DON’T MISS OUT ON THE OPPORTUNITY, NVMe VPS strikes the perfect balance between performance and cost-effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a competitive edge.

UPGRADE YOUR HOSTING EXPERIENCE, Upgrade to NVMe VPS today and enjoy seamless scalability, enhanced security, and unparalleled speed. Don’t wait any longer—get your NVMe VPS now and propel your online presence to new heights!


SEARCHING FOR NEXT-LEVEL PERFORMANCE?  Your quest ends with NVMe VPS hosting—the pinnacle of speed, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. Bid farewell to sluggish websites and embrace a hosting experience like never before!

  • Blazing-Fast NVMe SSD Technology: Experience the incredible speed of NVMe SSD technology with NVMe VPS hosting. Your websites and applications will operate at lightning speeds, making data access a breeze—seven times faster than traditional SSDs. Provide your visitors with a fascinating browsing experience they’ll love.

  • Unrivaled Reliability: Trust in the stability and dependability of NVMe VPS hosting. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, powered by NVMe SSDs, ensures your data remains safe and secure even during the most demanding times. Rest easy knowing your website is in the hands of the Best NVMe VPS hosting provider.

  • Affordable Excellence: Cost concerns? Our Cheap NVMe VPS hosting plans bring you top-notch hosting without breaking the bank. Enjoy the power of NVMe VPS and experience the value of excellent hosting.

  • Full Control & Flexibility: Take charge of your website with NVMe VPS. With full root access, you have complete visibility of your server environment. Effortlessly install applications, configure settings, and customize resource allocation to match your specific needs.

  • Competitive Pricing: Experience excellent value for money with our competitively priced SSD VPS plans. We offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality of service.

  • Easy Scalability: NVMe VPS ensures easy scalability, providing a flexible and efficient solution for increased demands and growth. With superior storage performance, businesses can seamlessly scale their virtual servers to accommodate more users, data, and traffic. This adaptability empowers businesses to stay agile, cost-effective, and well-prepared to meet evolving requirements.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: NVMe VPS delivers enhanced security measures, safeguarding your valuable business data and sensitive information. Advanced encryption capabilities, robust isolation between virtual servers, stringent access controls, and multi-factor authentication ensure a secure infrastructure.

  • Efficient Resource Management: Optimize advertising efficiency with NVMe VPS, offering high-performance infrastructure for demanding advertising workloads. Swift data access and processing, coupled with rapid scalability, enable seamless ad delivery and budget allocation optimization through real-time data analysis.

Improve your hosting game today with NVMe VPS hosting! Embrace unparalleled speed and performance powered by NVMe SSD technology. Get started with our Cheap NVMe VPS hosting plans and enjoy the Best NVMe VPS experience available. Don’t settle for mediocrity—take your website to the next level with NVMe VPS hosting. Act now and witness the difference!


Investing in an NVMe VPS, which stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express Virtual Private Server, is a strategic move due to its utilization of cutting-edge NVMe storage technology. Unlike traditional SSD (Solid State Drive) VPS, NVMe VPS offers remarkable advantages, making it a preferred choice for hosting.

Foremost, NVMe VPS is synonymous with exceptional performance, boasting significantly faster speeds than traditional SSDs. This translates to accelerated data access, reduced latency, and an overall boost in server performance. This speed enhancement not only ensures quicker loading times for your website or app but also contributes to an improved user experience, potentially elevating your search engine rankings.

Furthermore, NVMe VPS’s superior I/O capabilities make it adept at handling heavy workloads and multitasking. Whether you’re running resource-intensive databases, virtualization software, or engaging in data analytics, NVMe VPS excels, ensuring smooth operations without encountering performance slowdowns.

The advantages extend to applications that rely on low-latency storage access, such as databases, e-commerce platforms, and high-traffic websites. The faster data retrieval facilitated by NVMe VPS significantly enhances the responsiveness of these applications, contributing to heightened performance and increased user satisfaction.

In a head-to-head comparison with traditional SSD VPS, NVMe VPS emerges victorious in terms of speed, especially during intense read and write operations. While SSDs are renowned for their performance, NVMe takes it a step further, delivering lightning-fast data transfer speeds.

To sum up, opting for an NVMe VPS over a traditional SSD VPS can be a game-changer for your website or application’s performance. With its unparalleled speed and outstanding I/O capabilities, NVMe VPS ensures a seamless user experience and efficient handling of resource-intensive tasks.

Make the smart move and upgrade to NVMe VPS today to unlock the full potential of your online presence.


Choosing NVMe hosting, specifically NVMe VPS (Virtual Private Server), provides a multitude of benefits compared to traditional hosting solutions. NVMe, which stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express, leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate faster data transfer and reduced latency, surpassing traditional storage options such as HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) and even SSDs (Solid State Drives). Here are some prominent advantages of NVMe hosting:

Blazing Fast Performance with NVMe VPS Hosting

NVMe VPS harnesses the power of NVMe SSDs, renowned for exceptional read and write speeds. Experience faster loading times across websites, applications, and databases, ensuring smoother interactions and quicker data access for an efficient user experience.

Low Latency Excellence with NVMe Technology

NVMe technology minimizes data access latency, providing nearly instantaneous data retrieval times. This is crucial for real-time data processing applications such as online gaming, financial platforms, and e-commerce websites, ensuring high-speed transactions.

Improved Scalability with VPS SSD NVMe

VPS SSD NVMe allows for seamless resource scaling. As your website or application grows, effortlessly upgrade your VPS plan to meet higher traffic and resource demands without significant downtime.

Enhanced Reliability of NVMe SSDs

NVMe SSDs offer enhanced durability and reliability compared to traditional HDDs. With no moving parts, the risk of mechanical failure is reduced, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data at all times.

Flexibility and Control with Virtual Private Servers

Opting for our virtual private servers grants root access, providing complete control over your system. Choose tailored virtual private servers designed for preferred operating systems, including Linux VPS and Windows VPS platforms.

Dedicated Solution with NVMe SSD VPS

NVMe SSD VPS provides dedicated and fully allocated resources, offering the freedom to manage services according to your preferences and business needs. Customize the space efficiently for your websites and web applications.

Enhanced Availability and Browsing Experience

VPS hosting allows flexibility in selecting a geographically closer data center to your customers. Ensure fast loading times and minimal delays, providing an excellent browsing experience. Choose NVMe SSD VPS for a dependable solution backed by a service level agreement (SLA).

Backup Options for Data Security

Safeguard data stored on your virtual server with our offerings. Activate automatic backup features or opt for the Snapshot option to generate an immediate image of your virtual machine. Easily manage these options through the GhostVPS Control Panel.

•● Unleash Peak Performance with NVMe VPS Hosting!

Experience the remarkable speed of NVMe VPS, outpacing traditional SSDs by seven times! Deploy lightning-fast data with NVMe VPS, ensuring your website or application achieves peak performance, even during high-traffic periods. VPS NVMe hosting offers unparalleled flexibility and control, combining the benefits of a virtual private server with the unmatched speed of NVMe SSD storage. Enjoy optimal resource allocation and responsive performance for all your online projects.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Website or Application with NVMe SSD VPS. NVMe SSD VPS harnesses cutting-edge NVMe technology, providing instantaneous data retrieval and transforming your online presence. Upgrade your hosting experience by leaving slow-loading servers behind. Elevate your website’s performance, ensuring visitors enjoy a seamless browsing experience every time. With NVMe VPS, you can upgrade your hosting experience as often as needed.

Embark on a Hosting Transformation with NVMe VPS Plans. Our NVMe VPS plans are meticulously crafted to address all your hosting needs, catering to everything from personal blogs to resource-intensive business websites. Benefit from our state-of-the-art infrastructure and expert support to achieve optimal performance. Don’t delay – Purchase our NVMe VPS today and unlock the ultimate hosting experience.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have already made the switch to NVMe VPS. Elevate your hosting to new heights with our NVMe-powered virtual private servers!


Here are the most common questions we get from our customers. Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Express, stands as a groundbreaking storage technology engineered to revolutionize data access speeds and redefine data handling. Unlike traditional storage solutions such as HDDs or standard SSDs, NVMe harnesses the exceptional speed of flash-based memory. This state-of-the-art technology empowers NVMe VPS hosting to deliver unmatched performance, positioning it as the optimal choice for individuals and businesses seeking swift data retrieval. With NVMe VPS, website loading times see a significant reduction, guaranteeing seamless user experiences and an overall enhancement in website performance. Embrace the prowess of NVMe VPS to unlock the full potential of your online presence through its unparalleled data processing capabilities.

Absolutely, NVMe proves to be highly advantageous for servers. Its extraordinary data access speeds and minimal latency play a pivotal role in elevating server performance, rendering it ideal for data-intensive operations, web hosting, virtualization, and beyond. NVMe empowers servers to swiftly and efficiently process substantial volumes of data, leading to enhanced application responsiveness and overall server efficacy. With its capacity to handle concurrent requests seamlessly, NVMe ensures uninterrupted user experiences and enables servers to manage increased workloads without encountering performance bottlenecks. Consequently, NVMe stands as an indispensable technology for contemporary server deployments, steering high-performance computing and data-centric applications.

When comparing vps nvme vs ssd, NVMe emerges as the superior choice. While both NVMe and SSD leverage flash memory for data storage, NVMe’s advanced architecture and interface deliver significantly faster data access speeds. Unlike SSDs that use the SATA interface, NVMe drives connect directly to the PCI Express bus. This direct connection eliminates the limitations of SATA, enabling NVMe to achieve exceptionally low latency and high throughput. The result is blazing-fast read and write performance, making NVMe ideal for demanding applications, high-performance computing, and tasks where rapid data access is crucial. In essence, NVMe’s cutting-edge technology outperforms traditional SSDs, positioning it as the preferred storage solution for users prioritizing speed and performance in their storage systems.

Certainly, in VMware, the integration of NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) involves utilizing NVMe storage devices within virtualized environments. NVMe serves as a storage protocol specifically engineered to unlock the full potential of flash-based storage, offering significantly faster data access speeds and lower latency when compared to conventional storage protocols such as SATA and SAS. When incorporated into VMware virtualization platforms, NVMe storage brings about remarkable performance improvements for virtual machines. This includes faster boot times, reduced application load times, and an overall enhancement in system responsiveness. By harnessing the power of NVMe in VMware environments, organizations can optimize the performance of their virtualized workloads, ensuring that virtual machines operate at peak efficiency to meet the demands of modern, data-intensive applications and workloads.

Certainly! Yes, our hosting providers offer the flexibility to adjust your hosting plan, including NVMe VPS, to accommodate your evolving needs. If you discover that your website or application demands more resources due to increased traffic or data requirements, you can easily upgrade to a higher-tier plan with additional CPU, RAM, and storage resources. Conversely, if your resource needs decrease over time, you have the option to downgrade to a more fitting plan, providing you with the scalability and adaptability required to align your hosting environment with your specific requirements.


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