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Anti-Spam Protection

Enhance your email security with our smart add-on featuring advanced filter tools

•● Email Security, Built for You

Reclaim your inbox with personalized Email Security solutions designed just for you. 

Spam-Protection™ goes beyond conventional measures by scanning email text, attachments, and addresses for potential threats. With fully adjustable filters that adapt and learn over time, our solution offers a heightened level of customization. In a world where 53% of emails are spam, contributing to an annual cost of over $20 billion, trust in our robust protection to keep your communications secure.

•● •● Why rely on Spam-Protection™?

Safeguard your inbox by blocking almost 100% of viruses, malware, and spam before they can reach you.

Intelligent Defense

Super-intelligent and self-learning, Spam-Protection™ is your formidable shield, defending against spoofing, phishing, viruses, and various email threats.

Comprehensive Protection

Experience full-scale protection as Spam-Protection™ goes beyond text scrutiny. It meticulously inspects attached images, files, and links, swiftly rejecting malicious emails.

Peaceful Assurance

Rest easy with Spam-Protection™ employing robust automatic threat detection. It continuously adjusts and learns to proactively block evolving email threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Precision in Security

Bid farewell to spam senders as Spam-Protection™ secures your inbox with pinpoint accuracy, leveraging our proprietary block list data for ultimate precision.

Free and Effortless

Yours at no cost, and without any installation hassle, Spam-Protection™ is complimentary with select GhostVPS products for the entire duration of your product's life.

User-Friendly Exploration

Discover the ease of Spam-Protection™ with its intuitive design and user-friendly navigation. Effortlessly explore all the features Spam-Protection™ has to offer.

•● Take back control of your inbox

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Fortify your inbox by thwarting nearly 100% of viruses, malware, and spam before they even breach your email fortress.

Incoming Email Filtering

Protect your network
$ 1 53
Monthly / Domain
Eliminate Spam and Viruses from email before they ever reach your network
Save 18%

Outgoing Email Filtering

Safeguard your reputation
$ 1 53
Monthly / Domain
Prevent Spam and Viruses from ever unknowingly leaving your network
Save 18%

Email Archiving

Backup and Compliance
$ 5 49
Monthly / Domain
Never lose an email again and ensure email data integrity for legal compliance
Save 18%

•● Experience expert-level email protection with Spam-Protection™

Domain Privacy

Benefit from free-for-life domain privacy protection, now enhanced with Spam-Protection™ email filtering. Every Whois inquiry undergoes Spam-Protection's rigorous anti-spam restrictions before reaching your inbox.

Free Email Forwarding

Explore the convenience of email forwarding, enabling you to create personalized email addresses and seamlessly forward pre-filtered emails to your primary email address.

EasyWP Integration

Ensure successful delivery of outgoing website emails with EasyWP, the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting. Now equipped with complimentary Spam-Protection™ anti-spam filtration to safeguard your communications.

•● Spam-Protection™

Swift, Intelligent, and Adaptive

Pinpoint Accuracy

 Leveraging smart cloud technology, Spam-Protection™ operates in the background to guarantee your mailbox receives only the emails you desire with precision.



Engineered to effortlessly handle a multitude of requests, ensuring seamless performance.


Superstar Service

Spam-Protection™ stands out by filtering mail for over one million GhostVPS users, delivering exceptional anti-spam and antivirus protection to each user.


•● Unveiling the Mechanics of Spam-Protection™

Curious about the journey of emails to your inbox? Delve into how Spam-Protection™ combats malicious emails to safeguard your mailbox.

Email is Sent

An email originates from the outer world and is directed to an email address under the vigilant filtration of Spam-Protection™.

Filtration Process

Spam-Protection™ meticulously processes the email using its arsenal of 400+ filters. Through in-depth analysis, including machine learning technology, IP reputation checks, and more, the email is assigned a score.

Decision is Made

Based on the score obtained in the previous step, Spam-Protection™ makes a decisive move. If deemed safe, the email is seamlessly delivered to your inbox. If there's a potential risk, it is quarantined, and if confirmed harmful, the email is outright rejected.


Security and Privacy Priority

At GhostVPS, we prioritize your website's security and privacy, unwaveringly advocating for the online rights of individuals and consumers. Our mission is to uphold the Internet as an open, free, and secure space for all.

Elevate Your Online Presence

Empower your business with premium industry products and services, all at budget-friendly prices. If it doesn't contribute to an improved Internet experience, you won't find it in our offerings.

Exceptional Customer Support

Experience the expertise of our Support Team, recognized for their knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism. Real people are at your service, ready to assist with any issue, 24/7.

•● GhostVPS FAQs

Frequently asked questions

It operates as a software designed to detect and prevent potentially hazardous emails from infiltrating your inbox, employing a set of rules and algorithms.

No, Spam-Protection™ is automatically enabled for all GhostVPS products once the product is correctly set up.

To access the spam management interface, an active Private Email or Shared Hosting plan is required. Refer to our guide on how to log in to the Spam-Protection™ interface. Users with Domain Privacy, EasyWP, or Free Email Forwarding cannot manage Spam-Protection™ directly; however, the background anti-spam and virus protection remains active.

To control your email flow and manage blocklist/accept list preferences, follow the instructions provided in our guide.

No, Spam-Protection™ is currently integrated exclusively into GhostVPS products and is not available for standalone purchase.

Yes, users can disable the Spam-Protection™ filter on Private Email and Shared Hosting accounts.

Yes, feel free to refer to this list of Spam-Protection™ IP addresses.

Yes, please contact our 24/7 customer service, and we’ll provide guidance on addressing this issue.

•● Disclaimer

  1. Inclusive Spam Protection:

    • All GhostVPS Private Email plans and Shared Hosting plans include the Spam-Protection™ spam management tool.
  2. Domain-Wide Protection for Private Email Plans:

    • For GhostVPS Private Email plans, Spam-Protection™ extends its coverage to the entire domain (e.g.,, ensuring all mailboxes purchased within the same GhostVPS account are filtered.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage for Shared Hosting Plans:

    • With Shared Hosting plans, Spam-Protection™ safeguards all domain names hosted under the respective plan, automatically filtering all mailboxes created within that hosting environment.
  4. Free Trials for Private Email Plans:

    • GhostVPS Private Email plans offer a 60-day free trial period. Starter plan trials are limited to 5 per GhostVPS account, while Pro and Ultimate plan trials are restricted to 1 per account. Each trial is limited to one use per domain. Initiating a trial period is considered a purchase, and no introductory offers can be applied upon renewal after this period.


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